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Jesus Christ, Son of Mary, Son of God, is the centre of

the Rosary Community where we live, love and learn together

Modern Foreign Languages


Modern Foreign Languages Aim

Our MFL curriculum fosters a curiosity in pupils paired with a deeper understanding of God's world. We believe that this will allow our pupils to develop a positive attitude towards cultural diversity and enables them to compare cultures and values of Britain and France. Speaking, reading and writing more than one language is increasingly important in a world of borderless communications and global travel.

Children in Years 3-6 are learning French. This lesson is taught by their class teacher discretely and during the course of the school day for approximately 45 minutes per week. From each year to the next, the children progress with their learning and understanding of the French language and culture, building their target language vocabulary and developing their understanding of the structure of the language. Each of the four year groups covers six topics linked to the Language Angels scheme of work, which provides opportunities for spoken language, and simple reading and writing activities. 

Learning a foreign language at primary school provides opportunities for the children to be active and engaged in their learning and also strengthens their skills in other curriculum areas. By learning collaboratively, through role play, reading stories in the target language, playing games, and learning songs and rhymes, the children learn in a way that is fun and enjoyable. In addition, learning about different cultures provides the children with a greater understanding of the world around them, encouraging them to show a greater awareness of the part they will play as global citizens in the future.





Year 3

Core Vocab




Core Vocab & Phonics *

+ colours, classroom commands, numbers


J’apprends le français

Les Animaux




Les Instruments

Petit Chaperon Rouge




Je peux


Year 4




Je me présente


En famille

Les habitats


Les vêtements

En classe


As-tu un animal?

Year 5



Chez moi


Quelle est la date aujourd’hui?


Quel temps fait-il ? * (4)


Au café

La maison Tudor


Les jeux olympique

Year 6




Verbs and Grammar


A l’école

Manger et bouger


Au weekend

Moi dans la monde


Les planètes


Jesus Christ, Son of Mary, Son of God, is the centre of

the Rosary Community where we live, love and learn together