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Jesus Christ, Son of Mary, Son of God, is the centre of

the Rosary Community where we live, love and learn together

Investors in Pupils Award

We have achieved the Investor in Pupils Award!


Here are the accreditation  reports for achieving the award in February 2018.

Investors in Pupils is a programme designed to develop pupils' responsibility and participation in their own education. It can increase motivation within the children and contribute to raising standards throughout the different phases. The children would be involved in the management and leadership of these five areas:


  • Behaviour
  • Learning, including target setting
  • Attendance and punctuality
  • Classroom organisation and management
  • Induction of staff and pupils

We are the Investors in Pupils Team!

A message from the Investors in Pupils Team


Our Investor's in Pupils team created a power point explaining: what the Investors in Pupils Award is, what the Investors in Pupils Criteria, what the five key areas are and what we already do and what we need to put into place at our school. We learned all of this through our research with our teacher - Miss McDonagh and using the internet safely. We took the best parts of our presentation and adapted them into one and sent two confident team members to present it to our Governors. They did a fantastic job! The edited power point is attached below:


Our School Budget


We, the Investors in Pupils Team, researched the school budget by interviewing our lovely Finance Bursar, Mrs Barnicle. Here is the power point with all of the information from the assembly that we led.

From Reception to Year 6, pupils have completed a survey about attendance this week. Your voice is important! Let's see what you have to say.

Our responses:

Reception: It is important to come into school everyday because we have to learn all the things that the teachers teach us.


Year 1: The Always Child helps us to come into school as we all want to be on the Green arrow. There are less children who are late to school.


Year 2: Our school promotes attendance through the Always Child Chart, the attendance assembly with certificates and home clothes day we have 100%.


Year 3: Our school encourages us to come to school by giving us a special trip at the end of the year for those who are in 100% of the time.


Year 4: We love the golden time that we can have every week if the have 100% attendance and the home clothes days each half term for those who have 100%.


Year 5: Everyone is trying really hard to come in on time and everyday, we are definitely getting better because we want the rewards.


Year 6: I like the Always Child System because it encourages me to do well and it recognises each child for positive behaviour.

This week (9.10.17), we are all completing surveys on the behaviour at the Rosary School. Looking forward to hearing what you have to say!

Our Responses:

Reception: "We like to play nicely." (Adeel) "We share." (Umar)


Year 1: "The behaviour is good at school because we learn better when we are good."


Year 2: "We feel very safe at school because of the teachers, alarms, cameras, gates and locked doors."


Year 3: "We like the Always child system because we want to be on the green so we can be rewarded."


Year 4: "I feel happy that we have staff to talk to if we have a problem."


Year 5: "I think the Always Child system has helped because children are kinder to each other."


Year 6: "Yes the Always Child System helps behaviour because if we don't want to go down on the arrow, meaning you have less chance to go on the trip.

In October, we completed the Class Induction Pupil Surveys. Here are some of our responses:

Our Responses:


Reception: "We give them a name label on their top. We can show them where the toilet is. We show them our class rules. We can show them how to play."


Year 1: "The class induction booklet shows pupils/staff all about our class."


Year 2: "It is important to welcome new people because they might feel lonely. We want them to be happy and to know we are a kind class.


Year 3: "The Class induction booklet tells new people what we expect and how  we can help each other."


Year 4: "It is important to make pupils and staff feel welcome because they will feel safe and secure in our school."


Year 5: "I think the class induction booklet is a great system to help introduce new people to our school."


Year 6: "I think we could have children or teachers available to give the new children a tour of the school."

In November, we completed the Classroom management surveys. Here are some of our responses:

Our Responses:


Reception: " We have class rules that can help us."


Year 1: "We have rules so we can live, love and learn together."


Year 2: "We like all of the displays because they help us to learn."


Year 3: "We need to make sure we keep our classroom tidy at all times."


Year 4: "We all have roles and responsibilities in our classroom, e.g. milk monitor, book monitor, register monitor."


Year 5: "My favorite thing in my classroom is our reading corner that we made because it is a place where we can escape into a book."


Year 6: "We would like to have a wonder wall for every lesson."

In January, we completed pupil surveys based on our learning. Here are our views.

Our responses:

Reception: We really liked Vocations week when Tim and his dog talked to us.


Year 1: Our teachers and friends support us. God guides us to do our best.


Year 2: Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Mentors, Sports Coaches, Dinner ladies and men support us to achieve the best at the Rosary.


Year 3: Class targets help us to understand what we want to achieve.


Year 4: Personal Targets help us with our learning because we keep believing in ourselves.


Year 5: We enjoy the cool assemblies we have each Monday.


Year 6: Class targets help us by motivating all of us to work as a team.

Thank you everyone for taking the time to complete the different surveys. It has been brilliant to read the positive comments about our school and what we can do to improve our school. 

Jesus Christ, Son of Mary, Son of God, is the centre of

the Rosary Community where we live, love and learn together