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Jesus Christ, Son of Mary, Son of God, is the centre of

the Rosary Community where we live, love and learn together



Interventions at The Rosary include: 

  • Focused intervention/ gap tasks following teacher assessment (Our support staff have a carefully planned intervention timetable to ensure there are great opportunities for our pupils with SEND to achieve their goals.


  • SEND focused interventions to meet individual pupil needs, these are tracked and reviewed on the whole school provision map


  • Daily 'Reading recovery' to accelerate reading skills 


  • Talkboost  - to promote speaking and listening skills.


  • See and Learn Intervention (Training delivered to all staff by DSE See and Learn). See and Learn kits offer high quality, convenient, ready-to-use resources to support evidence-based teaching activities to help children with Down syndrome improve their speech, language, reading and numeracy skills. These are also used for pupils with EAL or other SEN demands


  • The SCERTS Model 

 The acronym “SCERTS” refers to the focus on:

“SC” – Social Communication – the development of spontaneous, functional communication, emotional expression, and secure and trusting relationships with children and adults;

“ER” – Emotional Regulation – the development of the ability to maintain a well-regulated emotional state to cope with everyday stress, and to be most available for learning and interacting;

“TS” – Transactional Support – the development and implementation of supports to help partners respond to the child’s needs and interests, modify and adapt the environment, and provide tools to enhance learning (e.g., picture communication, written schedules, and sensory supports). Specific plans are also developed to provide educational and emotional support to families, and to foster teamwork among professionals. Miss S Khatoon (Assistant SENCO) is the Lead Practitioner for the SCERTS Intervention at The Rosary, please contact her via the school office if you wish to discuss.


  • WellComm Early Years 

WellComm is a speech and language toolkit that can be used with children from 6 months to 6 years of age. It is a means of tracking progress of all children and will identify areas of concern in language, communication and interaction. If your child is in EYFS  and you have any concerns, please speak to Ms Percival, EYFS Lead.


  • Pets as Therapy Programme

We are very fortunate to have Bailey and Ms Stafford who visit us weekly to support social skills through a reading programme. Mrs Banks attends these sessions with the children.


Jesus Christ, Son of Mary, Son of God, is the centre of

the Rosary Community where we live, love and learn together